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What People Are Saying About Us

Jim Mcmanus

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at Multicare

“Running a healthcare system is about dealing with priorities and managing risk. We all have stories of companies, both large and small, where we’ve taken a chance. While we can’t look at everyone out there, we know that there are companies with new technologies, better value and comparable quality to the market share leaders. We know we can rely on HealthCare Links to help vet out those Companies that will help bring value to our system.”

Jay Kirkpatrick

VP Supply Chain Operations, Lifepoint

“Healthcare Links has been a trusted source for bringing valued products and solutions to me over the years. Their relationships and integrity assure me that the clients they represent are well vetted and, in many cases, provide new technology, savings and better patient care to our team for consideration.”


Dave Edwards

VP Premier, Former SVP Premier


“We get calls and inquiries from hundreds of vendors who are interested in a relationship with Premier. In some cases, they are a good fit for a partnership, or at least for a contractual relationship. In most cases, they are not. As a result, I rely on a handful of companies and people to help us “vet” these potential opportunities, and to bring us the ones that they know, based on their years of experience in this industry, would be worth the time and worth the effort for us to begin discussions. I would put Healthcare Links at the top of that list.

The principals there are smart, knowledgeable, experienced, ethical, and tenacious; Moreover, they have a track record both with Premier and with the entire industry that gives them , and any company that they represent, instant credibility with me and with my organization.

I can recommend them, as a company and as individuals, if your goal is to understand, and then grow, within the dynamic American healthcare landscape.”

Dave Gilfillan

Director, Supply Chain Operations, Williamson Medical Center

“Healthcare today is more challenging than ever. The pressure on cost savings is important but we can’t sacrifice quality. Healthcare Links has consistently presented us opportunities that meet our needs and our goals. We value their business relationship because we know they have done their homework—matching our needs to the value their clients can bring.”


Timothy H. Emo

Vice President | Vernacare Inc., Vernacare Canada Inc

“Healthcare Links have proven themselves to be a tremendous asset to Vernacare’s growing success in the US market. Their longstanding relationships with all of the major groups & networks have opened doors that we were unable to open on our own and nothing is a greater testimony to their level of success than the four national agreements we have recently secured. If your firm lacks GPO agreements, and visibility with distribution partners, then you should be speaking with Healthcare Links!”

Sean Poellnitz

Chief Resource Officer, Renown Healthcare

“The industry is envious of the type of organization that you have built.. The unselfish collaboration of your team and the ability for you to connect your clients IDNs and GPOs with instant credibility is amazing. That credibility has been established by consistently providing results in challenging climates notwithstanding being smart enough to protect your relationships at all cost. Healthcare Links is a living legacy that embodies the blueprint and gold standard for supplier/provider relationships in out healthcare era.”


Chris Fashek

Chairman of MedTech Solutions group, 
Chairman of NanoVibronix, and former COB at Spiracur and Systagenix. Also was the former CEO at KCI USA

“Healthcare Links owns the space at the intersection of suppliers, IDN’s, and GPO’s. They take the time to understand a Manufacturers’s product and service offerings, and guide the supplier through the complex arena of today’s supply chain.

Respected by GPO’s leadership and multiple IDN organizations, the Healthcare links team opens doors that most suppliers don’t have the contacts or people to reach.

Ken Murawski has assembled a team of experienced Healthcare professionals that operate seamlessly in the supply chain space executing winning strategies with the highest levels of integrity and trust.

I have personally teamed with Healthcare Links with exceptional results in a very short timeline. If you need a supply chain strategy, guidance or execution you would do well to forge a relationship with Healthcare Links.”

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