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If Accelerating Your Company’s Growth in the US Market is Your Goal, We Can Help!!

Gaining Access To Major Customers

The number one problem facing many companies today is access to major customers—getting to the key decision maker and having an opportunity to tell your story.  HealthCare Links has built a reputation of providing value to both supplier and provider. When our client companies have proven value, they will get new opportunities that deliver results.

Improving Implementation

Getting a contract is sometimes the easy part—proper and effective implementation is critical to achieving the expectations of both parties. Even large companies sometimes fall short in co-implementing a contract to achieve expected results. HealthCare Links has a variety of tools and strategies designed to maximize the value of new or existing contracts.

Gaining New Corporate Account Contracts

Having relationships that help provide access to key decision makers shortens the selling cycle dramatically, but it’s not that easy. Doing the homework up front to know and quantify your value proposition doesn’t waste a customer’s time and sets you apart from the competition. HealthCare Links uses Sales Data Generator to gain insight into IDN, GPO and facility metrics to help identify customers where our clients can help improve CQO: Cost, Quality, and Outcomes.


  • GPO/IDN membership

  • Affiliate/Shareholder systems

  • Top Integrated Delivery Networks

  • IDNs by GPO and ranked for success

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