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About Us


“Does your company have a product or service that can improve patient experience and outcomes and provide better value to US Healthcare but it feels like no one is listening?”

There are thousands of companies looking to grow in the US Healthcare market but they never will.  Market share leaders know how to stop companies from growing through better salesmanship and contractual relations designed to keep you out.  I know—I watched as we swatted away small companies with better products and better value. That is when I decided to start HealthCare Links.


The Healthcare Links Organization has a bold vision: to do our part in helping improve outcomes while reducing the cost of healthcare by bringing together providers and suppliers with similar missions. We want to introduce better products, services and technologies, delivered safely, and at a reduced cost. All of our clients have a similar vision. New, innovative products are introduced every day, but sometimes take years to gain traction: we help our clients hit the ground running.


If you believe that the mission of HealthCare Links makes sense, please Contact us to discuss how we can work together to meet our mutual goals.

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