HealthCare Links is proud to announce we are entering out 25th year in business! We’ve helped over 150 companies design and grow their corporate accounts portfolio with contracts worth in excess of $250 million. Today, HealthCare Links is a recognized resource for companies looking to grow market share in the US. In addition, HealthCare Links is seen as a resource to GPOs and IDNs by introducing companies that meet their economic, clinical, environmental, safety, and diversity corporate goals. We also specialize in introducing Innovative Medical Technologies to providers building high level national awareness quickly.


Our Mission

HCL works with Disruptive companies that compete against market share leaders with better technology and value proposition.

Our Vision

To help improve CQO goals of cost, quality, and outcomes as well as the patient experience by helping our client suppliers with disruptive technologies link with progressive healthcare providers that challenge the status quo.

A Bold Vision

About Us

About Us

The Healthcare Links Organization has a bold vision: to do our part in helping improve outcomes while reducing the cost of healthcare by bringing together providers and suppliers with similar missions. We want to introduce better products, services and technologies, delivered safely, and at a reduced cost. All of our clients have a similar vision. New, innovative products are introduced every day, but sometimes take years to gain traction: we help our clients hit the ground running.

Our team has experience with products in: Orthopedics,

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